AmpBrown Demo Video – See it in action!!!

Writing The Raspian Image To USB

In order to get a image file to work properly on your Raspberry Pi, you will need to download an image writer. Here’s a popular one for windows that I recommend.

After you install that program, you can open it, and direct it to the image you just downloaded, probably from here. Make sure it’s unzipped before writing it. The file should end with a ‘.img’.

Then make sure your SD card is selected as the device, and write that foo!


Audio Sample!

Well it’s just too crazy in the house today to complete a video sample of the AmpBrownie, but I was able to put together this audio sample. I simply booted up the Raspberry Pi and used jack_capture to record the mp3 that you are about to hear. No further processing, other than cutting out some parts to shorten the clip.

I am adjusting the sound with my Korg Nano Kontrol of course. It’s really sweet how I can dial in the settings in real time. I can’t wait to put that on video so you get the idea.

This sample is made with my Schector Diamond Series electric guitar, straight into the Behringer UCG102 USB interface, right into the RapsberyPi. That means this great sound is dern cheap.

Why don’t you try it out yourself?

Recording Samples

I am moving along here and wanted to post my notes on how to easily record the output from the AmpBrownie to an mp3.  It’s very straight forward actually. Once the unit is up and going and you can hear the output from it, we know it’s ready to install:

sudo apt-get install jack-capture

Then we just need to tell Jack to record:

sudo jack_capture -mp3 test.mp3

That will create test.mp3 right where you are standing. You even get to see a nifty little db meter while recording so you know that it hears you.  Once the mp3 is created I just pulled it down to my desktop via scp and played it that way.

If you are getting buffer overruns and cracks in the audio, you might try outputting to a wav, which jack_capture will do by default. In that case just use:

sudo jack_capture

It will automatically create the .wav file and increment the filename for you.

Back In Business

Time to ramp things up again!

I just finished a short film which kept me occupied for the last few months. That gives me time to look back at the brownie to take things up a notch.   My next task is to make a demo video on the existing Ampbrownie.  Then maybe see if latest OS upgrades help things out.


Alpha Is Live!

You my friends have just witnessed the first every working release of the AmpBrownie!  It’s alive and kicking. The aut0-start issue was a serious beast, but I found a way to hack it.  Right now, the system works, and we will worry about making things pretty later on.

So go check it out!


Things to on my list:

  • Put video demos and pictures up of the brownie in use
  • Provide audio demos for the default patch
  • Get feedback from users
  • Open a forum on the website
  • Build killer hardware

Well, really there’s a huge list :) I look forward to using this in a live setting once we get out of alpha, and this is just a first baby step.